she was dressed in a very sexy outfit, after a friendly introduction and a few words, we kissed passionately. She is very sexy and a lot of fun to kiss. I was quite excited passionately kissing Carmen, 

You can see pictures of Carmen on her site and they are accurate--she is very hot and sexy. The point that I want to make is that she is incredibly passionate, a little wild, and a lot fun to be with.... 

I saw on her Twitter that she was coming to Vancouver I reached out, booked the two hour date and sent her donation in full in advance. She open the door even before I had a chance to knock wearing a super sexy bra and crotch-less panty set.

she proceeded to give me an amazing relaxing massage. Not long after this I turned around and she got me back at full attention rubbing ....

Carmen was very intuitive to my needs. Even better we quickly established a comfort level that allowed for very open and frank communication about possibilities and limitations that pushed both of our boundaries as the action got dirtier and dirtier.

A note about Carmen as a kisser. I am more than delighted that over the last decade I have found SPs more than willing to actively participate in kissing and DFK. That being said, it is a rare experience for me to meet someone who engages in all of the variations of kissing that I enjoy...

TorontoAwesome, TERB

I was greeted by an absolute vision! WOW!!! Carmen is absolutely stunning! Simply beautiful with an amazingly tight little body, I was stunned. After lifting my jaw off the floor and making small talk, I was immediately immersed in a complete GFE (ie it really felt like I was with a girlfriend or old flame)! Carmen was extremely personable and we completely clicked right away - fabulous chemistry for a first rendezvous

JerseyYanks, TER

Meeting Carmen the first time was amazing. Her slender build, tight ass, and perfect tits were second to none. She keeps herself fit and is very beautiful. I realize Carmen does not show her face on the web site, but she is drop dead gorgeous! Her incredible outfit hugged all of her features and accentuated them like no other. She could have been a Victoria's Secret model! With her beautiful frame and face, she has an amazing personality.

BigShot, TERB

Carmen is a very sexy young woman and I was immediately captivated by her energy.....Without getting into all of the details, I can tell you that the session was high energy and I did not want to leave at the end of our visit.

Alpinersnow, TERB

When she opened the door, I was greeted by such an exuberant welcome, and immediately showered with hugs and kisses that her infectious energy melted any first time nervousness I had.....Her personality is vivacious with lots of sexual energy. She is an accomplished lover well beyond her age - keen awareness of the body's erogenous zones, she sensually caresses them with her mouth and her fingertips to great effect....


Overall, Carmen offers very high GFE service level with shades of PSE in a petite firecracker package. Her positive aura will provide an uplift to anyone's day.

SnowyS, TERB

She is generous with her attention, her energy, her affection, and her compliments. Any time spent with her is sure to be fantastic.

R2-D2, TER

It's been an exhilarating and amazing 120 mins with Carmen, she has gorgeous look with beautiful blonde hair, down-to-earth personality and great person to chat with. She also provided exceptional services and I can see she went above and beyond to fulfill my fantasies with file surprises....

I also really appreciate she let our time went with flow and didn't rush it.