My policies of providing references are set to help ensure safety in this industry, I provide references only if: 

  1. You have solo appointments with me at least twice in the past last 6 months AND,

  2. I had positive experience with you so I feel you are safe to my fellow SPs 

Please note conversations with text or twitter DM doesn’t count as appointments; donation amount you spent also is not part of considerations you are safe to other Service Providers. 


*Please also kindly contact me before providing my information to another Service Provider for reference*

A relax, fun, stress-free date starts with mutual respect, and that includes respecting each other’s emotional and physical boundaries.  I will not judge you and promise you a safe space when you are with me.  My ultimate goal is to treat you like a gentleman and I expect that you treat me like a lady.  Listed below are the kind of gentlemen I'd love to meet with:

  1. Provide all requested booking information.  I take safety very seriously and will never compromise mine or yours for any reason.

  2. Be punctual.  I know this may not always be possible, so if you are running late, please let me know as soon as possible.

  3. I take pride in preparing myself for you, so please arrive well groomed and with good hygiene.

  4. Be kind, courteous and gentle.  If you make me uncomfortable or unsafe during our date, I will reserve the right to end our encounter.

  5. Never discuss or question my fees.

  6. Respect my privacy and personal life. Discretion is my profession and I expect that your will respect my boundaries as well.

  7. Never arrive at a session while under the influence (Drugs or Alcohol)

You are encouraged to discuss about your desires and expectations with me before our date. This will create sweet lingering memories until we forge new ones again.

My own safety is my number one priority.